To: Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti & Long Beach Mayor Garcia

Put an End to WAGE THEFT at LA and Long Beach Ports

Put an End to WAGE THEFT at LA and Long Beach Ports

Port truck drivers and their supporters call on Los Angeles and Long Beach to ban companies from the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach who are breaking the law for profit.

Why is this important?

Humberto Canales is a a port and rail yard truck driver for XPO Logistics. At ports across America, truck drivers haul everything we rely on – from the shoes on our kids’ feet, to the smart phones we depend on, to the parts for the cars and trucks we drive – from our nation’s marine terminals to rail yards, warehouses and distribution centers. This is where our economy starts.

Yet in a scheme to avoid paying taxes and taking responsibility for expensive trucks, employers illegally misclassify port drivers as “independent contractors.” Port drivers are victims of an illegal business scheme that allows companies to deduct their business expenses from employees' paychecks at their convenience. Humberto's company charges him thousands of dollars a month to drive their truck, maintain and insure their truck, and even to park their truck on their property. This is wage theft and it is a crime.

By boldly addressing this problem at America’s largest port complex, you will send an important message to other ports – and to other industries profiting off of similar scams – that America will no longer tolerate lawbreaking for profit. It’s bad for workers, bad for communities, and it is unfair for those businesses that are playing by the rules.