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Westar Energy is attacking solar energy and energy efficiency in an attempt to stifle competition and protect their profits. As a Kansan, I stand for competition and the right to generate my own energy. Protect my ability to save money and control my electricity bill by generating energy on my property or by using energy efficiency solutions. Please reject anti-solar and anti-energy efficiency provisions in Westar Energy’s rate proposal.

Why is this important?

Westar Energy’s anti-consumer proposal hurts Kansans by increasing electricity rates while denying you options to lower your electricity bills with rooftop solar or energy efficiency solutions. On Westar’s new plan you may not be able to lower your electricity bill even if you reduce your energy consumption by installing energy saving light bulbs, a more efficient refrigerator, or solar panels. In fact, Westar will penalize you with huge monthly fees for generating your own energy on your property. Even if you change absolutely nothing - meaning you do not use more energy or install solar, your monthly electricity bill will still go up on Westar’s new plan because Westar has proposed higher fixed fees.
The Kansas Corporation Commission must protect Kansans ability to exercise choice and control over their electricity bills. Westar’s proposal is an attack on consumers. It is an attempt to eliminate direct competitors to Westar’s monopoly, such as rooftop solar and energy efficiency.
Through its rate proposal, Westar is trying to protect its profits at the expense of its customers while stopping the thousands of jobs that accompany a growing rooftop solar market and a cleaner energy future.
Tell the Kansas Corporation Commission to reject Westar’s anti-solar and anti-energy efficiency rate proposal. By signing this petition, you are speaking out for a better energy future for Kansas.

Kansas, United States


Reasons for signing

  • Power providers are going to need to somehow incorporate solar into their product offerings in the future or they will suffer from loss of revenue as folks use less grid and more solar and storage.
  • We should have the ability to choose to be energy efficient by using solar.
  • I advocate for freedom- very simple.


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Solar is under attack once more and WE NEED YOUR HELP AGAIN!
With your help last time we delivered almost 3000 signatures to the KCC- totally unprecedented and very effective. Help us again. Details are at

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