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Protect our Arctic Ocean from Oil Drilling

Protect our Arctic Ocean from Oil Drilling

Climate change fueled by the burning of fossil fuels is wreaking havoc across the globe and Arctic drilling would only make the problem worse. Please don’t allow any oil drilling in the Arctic Ocean.

Why is this important?

As someone who lives in Alaska, I have witnessed firsthand what extreme weather caused by climate change is doing to our planet. This year, a community where I lived was so badly flooded that almost everyone was forced to evacuate. It was a total disaster, and many more communities have been experiencing similar tragedies. Sadly these events are becoming more frequent as global temperatures climb.

Yet, President Obama and his administration are considering opening up the Arctic Ocean to oil drilling, including offering future publicly-owned drilling leases. Drilling in the Arctic could unleash an estimated 15.8 billion tons of CO2 into our atmosphere – that’s more emissions than all US cars and light trucks will emit for the next 13 years!

On top of the floods and melting that are already posing threats to the Arctic, the devastation oil spills would cause to our communities and wildlife is unthinkable.

Protecting the Arctic Ocean not only helps our communities in Alaska, but benefits every citizen on our planet. As a world, we must look to clean energies, not outdated, dirty energy sources that only worsen our climate crisis while threatening all the fragile life nearby.

Please urge President Obama to do everything in his power to help mitigate climate change, and to protect our Arctic Ocean in particular.

Fairbanks, AK


Reasons for signing

  • Our planet is dying with each greedy action we take to rape its bounty. We act like we have another planet to go to. Look at what has just happened in CA. It is heartbreaking.
  • This would destroy Alaska.
  • This is a critical environmental issue for the planet.


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