To: California Legislature

Protect California's Clean Air Laws

Protect California's Clean Air Laws

California's clean air is under threat. Vote YES on SB 1383 to strengthen our clean air laws.

Why is this important?

Sign the petition and urge legislators in the Assembly and the Senate to pass SB 1383. Short-lived ​or so called super​ climate​ pollutants like methane pose a serious risk to the health and prosperity of all Californians​. ​ ​The passage of SB 1383 is crucial to protecting our clean air ​laws ​for future generations.


California has a long history of leadership and strong legislative action when it comes to protecting the state’s air quality and fighting climate change. From the Clean Air Act of 1970, to the Global Warming Solutions Act (AB 32) of 2006, California’s track record is second to none.

With less than one week left in California’s legislative session, legislators will consider SB 1383, which w​ill reduce super​ climate​-​​pollutants like black carbon, methane, and fluorinated gases by 40-50 percent by 2030. These super-pollutants threaten our climate, air, and health. It’s largely low-income​,​ people of color who suffer the health consequences. It’s not right and it’s time to take a stand against this injustice.

We cannot let the oil companies defeat th​is​ important measure to strengthen our clean air laws because the facts show our clean air policies are working. We’ve cut toxic pollution, improved kids’ health, and created 500,000 clean energy jobs in California. Stand up to the oil companies and strengthen California’s clean air laws. Tell California legislators to continue standing strong against the oil companies and vote yes on SB 1383.

California, United States

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