To: Pittsburg Planning Commission & City Council

Protect Pittsburg: Stop the WesPac Oil Terminal!

Protect Pittsburg: Stop the WesPac Oil Terminal!

We, concerned residents and allies of Pittsburg, believe the long-term health and safety risks outweigh the proposed benefits to our community and communities living close to the rail line and refineries. Pittsburg does not need another environmental injustice.

We call on the Pittsburg Planning Commission and the City Council to do the right thing for our city: Reject the WesPac oil terminal project!

Why is this important?

WesPac Energy wants to build an enormous fossil fuel infrastructure project in our community, near the heart of downtown Pittsburg. WesPac's mega-oil terminal would be right next to homes, parks, churches, and schools. This project would bring in up to 10 million gallons of crude oil per day by ship and rail. The massive new rail terminal would see more than 100 tanker cars each day carrying crude oil. And PG&E’s old tanks near the waterfront would be upgraded to create a new tank farm for crude oil storage.

This project will have severe consequences for Pittsburg and other Bay Area residents:

• Residents will be exposed to air pollution from hazardous materials and rail traffic. This will make Pittsburg’s asthma epidemic worse, and degrade air quality for the entire community.

• Pittsburg homeowners will see a decrease in property values.

• Pittsburg's newly revitalized downtown business district will be at risk from increased noise, foul smells, and the threat of toxic oil spills.

• Any oil spill will threaten the East Bay's drinking water supply: the tank farm is dangerously located within a quarter mile of a freshwater intake.

• Trains carrying Bakken crude oil have derailed and exploded on multiple occasions this year. In Lac Megantic, Quebec, an oil train explosion destroyed a huge section of the town and killed nearly 50 people. Just last week, another derailment and explosion forced residents of Casselton, North Dakota, to evacuate their homes. These same explosion-prone trains will be coming to Pittsburg should WesPac build its terminal.

• A spill could devastate the bay and the delta, hurting fishing, crabbing, and recreation.

Further, by increasing demand for toxic and dangerous forms of crude oil, the project will increase carbon pollution and exacerbate climate change.

WesPac's Pittsburg oil terminal is a step backward in California’s drive toward clean, renewable energy. It’s building for the past instead of the future.

How it will be delivered

We will deliver this petition in person at upcoming Planning Commission and City Council meetings in January!

Pittsburg, CA, United States


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