To: The multibillion dollar Mandalay Bay Resort Hotel owned by MGM Resorts

Petition Mandalay Bay Resorts to cover all burial and medical bills of the victims of the Shooting

Nothing is fair about what happened in Las Vegas, as no doubt the families of those affected can tell you, the injured can tell you, and the dead are unfortunately incapable of telling you.

A sick, twisted individual wanted that unfairness, he wanted to mar lives. And he wanted to sow horror. And most unfair is the horror does not end with the shooting, it begins there. For this shooting is the misery that keeps on giving, long after the press has gotten bored of it.

We can do nothing now, to stop the loss of lives, or loss of limbs. But something can be done to make sure this evil person does not get the multiplying misery he was hoping for. I urge Madalay Bay to cover every burial expense, every hospital bill, related both to maintaining life and restoring function.

This man, this terrorist, wanted the ability to make people lose, but let us mitigate that loss. We can not change the immense loss, but we can mitigate the immense ramifications. Breadwinners, parents, children, many dead, many forever ruined from working again, we mitigate the loss. Mandalay helps mitigate the loss that occurred on their watch, and from their property. Mandalay part of the multibillion dollar MGM Resorts group, pays every burial, pays every hospital bill, pays every reconstructive surgery. And for houses where breadwinners will not be coming home, or come home incapable of working, Mandalay pays the mortgages. So spouses and children do not continue to suffer... unfairness.

Why is this important?

Is it fair to Mandalay? I think there is culpability enough to go around. There is little fairness that touched anyone regarding this, but to deny the shooter, a twisted person, his twisted goals of compounding misery long after the act, to help people who have lost in huge ways, not continue to lose, and from a company that can afford to do it, to heal wounds that occurred in the shadow of Mandalay...I think it sends a message far stronger than the shooting, and a message postponed too long in the saying, 'we are a community, and no one falls alone. We are a community, and we are stronger than your horror.'

And as I said there is culpability enough to go around. In a separate petition we will be seeking the State of Las Vegas The NRA and the gun and ammo manufacturers to offer free College access to any child or adult immediately affected by this shooting.

But let us start by having Mandalay help bury the dead, and heal the living.