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We call on you to make sure Rosa Lydia Velasquez, a grandmother who works in the Pentagon food court, gets her job back immediately. Rosa Lydia was fired for striking against poverty pay on Thursday December 4th. She was exercising her right to protest by calling on the President to ensure low-wage federal contract workers like her are paid at least $15 an hour, have decent benefits, and work for companies that respect workers' rights to organize. Basic rights should not be violated by the Pentagon.

Why is this important?

My name is Rosa Velasquez. I'm a fast-food worker who went on strike because the President said “no one who serves our troops meals should live in poverty.” Even though Pentagon contractors make millions in profit, fast food workers like me only earn $8.75 an hour and zero benefits. I want the President to know that $8.75 an hour isn't enough for me to support my 3 children, 4 grandchildren and my husband, an unemployed seasonal construction worker. All 9 of us live together in a single apartment.

I overcame my fear to take a public stand against low-wages by striking. But the day after our protest, my worst fears came true – within minutes of returning to work, the manager jerked the security badge off my shirt and yelled “You’re fired!” To add insult to injury, he called the Pentagon police to escort me out of the building like I was a common criminal.

I really need my job back quickly. Christmas is coming, and with my husband out of a job, I'm not sure how I can help my family survive into the New Year.

I am not alone. Fast-food workers like me at the Pentagon have suffered a lot to fight for better pay and working conditions during the past year. The Pentagon contractor I work for – Seven Hills, Inc. which operates under name-brands like Burger King, Starbucks, Sbarro, and Qdoba – has responded to us with illegal threats, intimidation and retaliation.

Even though the National Labor Relations Board agreed with us and got Seven Hills to promise to stop its bullying and retaliation against worker leaders – Seven Hills continues to break the law.

Sign my petition demanding that the Pentagon make its contractor follow the law by reinstating me immediately, pay my lost wages, and respect worker rights.



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