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Pass the California DISCLOSE Act!

Pass the California DISCLOSE Act!

The astounding amount of secret money in elections threatens our democracy. We must stop political ads from deceiving voters about who paid for them by requiring clear disclosure of their true funders ― right on the ads themselves. Pass AB 700, the California DISCLOSE Act, now.

Why is this important?

$772 million was spent on California ballot measures and independent expenditures in 2012-2014 alone, most of it hiding behind misleading names. It’s corrupting our democracy.

We must stop secret money in political ads ― which AB 700, the California DISCLOSE Act, will do.

Authored by Assemblymembers Jimmy Gomez and Marc Levine and sponsored by the California Clean Money Campaign, AB 700 will strike the biggest blow yet against Dark Money by requiring ballot measure ads and ads by PACs supporting or opposing candidates to clearly show their real funders on the ads themselves.

Television ads will be required to display their top 3 true funders on a solid black background on the bottom third of the screen, one per line, in a large clear font, for a full 5 seconds. Similar tough rules apply to ads in print, online, and radio, plus robocalls.

AB 700 passed the Assembly in an overwhelming 60-15 bipartisan vote ― after tens of thousands of people signed petitions and thousands more emailed and called. AB 700 is now in the Senate, and we must create even more pressure than before.

We can stop special interests from anonymously buying elections with deceptive ads. Sign the petition to pressure the Senate to pass AB 700 now!

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