To: Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Pass Pennsylvania House Bill 1010

Pass Pennsylvania House Bill 1010

Please join Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America in calling to restore integrity to the long tradition of responsible and safe gun ownership in our state. We urge the Pennsylvania House to pass House Bill 1010 and demonstrate that Pennsylvania cares about the safety of families and communities.

Why is this important?

Pennsylvania House Bill 1010 will close a dangerous background check loophole in state law. Currently, private sales of long barrel guns are exempt from background checks. Ninety percent of Americans and 88% of Pennsylvanians support background checks on every gun sale.



Reasons for signing

  • Because it's necessary to close the loophole.
  • background check may save U the one out reading this one day from those who should not own a gun. Hunter
  • I always assumed that ALL guns required a background check. I never realized that someone could buy a gun without a background check. If you have a gun and a court takes it away, you can still buy a rifle without a background check. If I go to the store to buy sudafed, I am subjected to more paperwork than the folks that purchase a rifle!


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