To: Senator Claire McCaskill

Oppose any attacks on the Endangered Species Act

Oppose any attacks on the Endangered Species Act

Vote NO on any legislation that weakens the Endangered Species Act.

Why is this important?

The Endangered Species Act is one of the world's most successful and supported conservation laws. It has kept 99% of listed species from going extinct and recent polling shows it to have widespread, 90% support.

The Endangered Species Act has kept some of our nation's most iconic species–including the bald eagle, gray wolf, grizzly bear, and California condor–from vanishing forever. It is a vital conservation safeguard that is the benchmark for preventing extinction worldwide.

In spite of the Act's success and support, some in Congress have put a target on this legislation. It is expected that a bill will be introduced in the next 60 days that would defer much of the decision-making process around listing species away from scientists and to politicians at the state level.

Some in Congress are describing this as a "modernization" or "update" to the Act but is nothing less than an attempt to gut this law to curry favor with oil, gas, and trophy hunting industries.

Please ask Senator McCaskill to be a leader in protecting the Endangered Species Act to the fullest extent and to oppose any legislation to weaken it.

Missouri, United States

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  • It's simple! We need to stand for our wild animals!


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