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One Planet Oregon: Legalize Low-Impact Development

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One Planet Oregon: Legalize Low-Impact Development

In 2010 the Welsh government codified rigorously planned One Planet Low-Impact Developments in the open countryside as part of an overall Sustainable Development Scheme, One Wales:One Planet. This legislation has legalized low-impact, indefinitely sustainable livelihoods in Wales. A First-World first! We want this approach furthered through legislative agility here in Oregon. Search: "Wales TAN6 One Planet Practice Guide" for the regulation.

Why is this important?

Low-Impact Development is widely recognized as playing a key role in the transition to a low-carbon society.

The term 'One Planet' refers to the concept of a One Planet lifestyle - a lifestyle that, if everyone lived that way, would only take the resources of one Planet Earth to sustain us all in that lifestyle forever. For example, if we all lived the average American lifestyle, we’d need the resources of over five planet Earths to support us, long-term. At this rate, we are destroying planet Earth's ecosystems and our human descendants' prospects for survival, due to global climate change, toxic pollution, habitat destruction, etc. As we only have one planet, we need to expedite the discovery of how to live a fulfilling life while requiring only one planet's worth of material resources.

Such legislation would provide a legal foundation for sustainable living sites to become a permitted activity, supported by state and county agencies. It would enable innovators and sustainable pioneers to practice and test ways of living that are ecological and sustainable. It would complement but not replace existing zoning codes. It would allow individuals and communities to build affordably and sustainably, provide alternative energy on a small scale, conserve and harvest fresh water, conserve and improve topsoil without expensive or toxic inputs, increase local food production and quality, provide onsite waste treatment and recycling, and many other developing techniques for sustainable living!

Please sign this petition requesting the Oregon Legislation to legalize rural low-impact development as comprehensively prescribed by Wales Technical Advice Note 6 (TAN6) - One Planet Development (2010).

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Oregon, United States

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Reasons for signing

  • Because this is more sustainable than a 3000+ square foot house!
  • Finally. I mean FINALLY someones in the western world FINALLY breached the bureaucratic capitalist stronghold on rural land use. This my friends is the look of the near future closing in on our excessive and traumatic housing. The folks at Lamas deserve a nobel prize for sanity. Please sign and learn how to make this house for yourself immediately. By 2050 most of humanity will be living in one.
  • this is just reality...we need to foucs on true sustainability more. plain and simple, it must be a right.


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