To: Jim Wegner, Darigold CEO

Nubia's plea: No one should die like Randy. Sign her petition to Darigold

Nubia's plea: No one should die like Randy. Sign her petition to Darigold

Darigold: Meet with the UFW about dairy worker safety after Randy Vasquez drowned in a manure pond. The UFW has provided you with evidence of the various issues going on at many of your dairy member farms and you have done nothing. What else is it going to take besides Randy drowning in a manure pit for you to stop ignoring these issues? Please work with the UFW to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

Why is this important?

My name is Nubia Guajardo and on February 25th I lost the love of my life, and the father of my children. Recently the UFW shared with all of you the story of the tragic death of my love Randy Vasquez, who died drowned in a manure pond at Riverview Dairy, which provides milk to Darigold, located in Mabton, (eastern) WA.

I've lived in Sunnyside, WA for almost all my life, a place surrounded by dairies. At this point in my life I have gotten used to the potent smell of manure and the flies; I just can't get used to being without Randy.

Through this email I want to thank you for your support. However, we still need to do more. Neither Darigold, nor the farm owner have reached out to me or the UFW after Randy drowned. Can you imagine how awful it was to explain Randy’s death to my children? All of the people who loved Randy want to know what Darigold and the farm have done to ensure worker safety.

I want to make sure that no other family has to endure the pain of losing their loved one and also that no other dairy worker has to endure the harsh working conditions Randy experienced as a dairy worker. He, like many other dairy workers around here, worked in an unsafe workplace. He told me he got his wages shorted. He got injured on the job before. He told me that he brought his own drinking water to work and he described having to eat his meal as he milked cows. I know he never thought that he would lose his life drowning in a manure pit.

Darigold and their farms claim to take pride nurturing families around the world with the milk and dairy products they produce. I would like for them to take the same pride to secure the safe and healthy working conditions of those who make their products possible. Please help me ask Jim Wegner, Darigold CEO for a meeting by signing this petition today!

How it will be delivered

Workers plan to turn the petitions in to Darigold in mid-May


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Dear Friends,

A tragedy unfolded in the small town of Delano on March 13 when Santos Hilario Garcia & Marcelina Garcia Porfecto, husband & wife farmworkers, died in a car crash while fleeing ICE agents. Their 6 children are forced to fend for themselves. They are casualties of the Trump admin's targeting of hardworking immigrant farmworkers who sacrifice to feed us. The family & community supporting them ask you to sign ta petition requesting that CA Attorney General Xavier Becerra launch an investigation.

It is distressing that ICE agents' statements are contradicted by a surveillance video showing 2 ICE SUVs traveling behind the couple's vehicle w/emergency lights activated. Please ask CA Attorney General Xavier Becerra to launch an investigation. Sign the petition today @!

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