To: The North Carolina legislature and Governor Pat McCrory

No more tax cuts that put our future at risk

No more tax cuts that put our future at risk

Reject proposals to cut income taxes in North Carolina any further. Cutting income taxes will only reduce available dollars for core public services that serve as the foundation of a modern economy and undermine our future success and opportunities. Now is the time for North Carolina to make smart investments, not cut taxes for the wealthy at the expense of us all.

Why is this important?

My name is Amber Moodie-Dyer and I work at the Budget & Tax Center to advocate for a North Carolina where each child can have a quality learning experience, every senior can stay in their home and every community can offer families and businesses a high quality of life.

Over the past two years, I have watched as state policymakers in Raleigh have put at risk the very foundations that help us build a stronger state. State legislators have pushed through corporate and personal income tax cuts that have primarily benefitted those at the very top, while weakening the building blocks of a strong economy like schools, community colleges and courts. The race to the bottom on taxes that North Carolina would continue with more tax cuts this year is a race to the bottom in quality of life. Our state Senate and House leaders are in the final days of putting together a budget for the state.

Their decision should have been made by June 30th, but they had to extend the timeline into July. The proposed tax changes they are considering include lowering the corporate tax rate from its current rate of 5% to 3% and building in other advantages for large multi-state corporations. All told, when combined with a small reduction in the personal income tax rate and an expansion of the sales tax rate, we could lose over $1 billion each year! That’s $1 billion less for our schools, child care programs, higher education, economic development efforts, the list goes on. Let’s make sure they hear from us before they send their final budget to the Governor (it could be as early as the next few weeks!). We need them to know North Carolinians don’t want any more tax cuts for big companies and wealthy taxpayers at the expense of our state’s well-being.

Sign our petition to tell legislators and the Governor to reject proposals to cut taxes for the few and further put core public services at risk.

North Carolina’s exceptionalism in the South and the country has always come from our commitment to each other, a commitment that meant asking each of us to contribute to building something bigger than ourselves. Whether a public university system, a universal K-12 education, a nationally recognized early childhood education system, or protection of our state’s natural resources, our pooled investments have made great things possible for the people of our state. This is how we remain competitive in the global marketplace, attractive to business investment and a place of opportunity.

Now is the time to make smart public investments that will put North Carolina on solid ground for the future, not give more corporate tax cuts. Sign the petition today!

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