To: LAX, LAWA Board of Airport Commissioners

Hold companies operating at LAX accountable for unsafe working conditions.

Hold companies operating at LAX accountable for unsafe working conditions.

Companies that do business at Los Angeles International Airport need to be held accountable for the unsafe working conditions faced by their employees and contractors. Do everything in your power to make sure there are no more preventable deaths at LAX.

Why is this important?

My partner of 23 years, Cesar Valenzuela, was killed at work in February. He was driving a baggage tug at Los Angeles International Airport, working for airport contractor Menzies Aviation, a company with a history of broken equipment and unsafe working conditions. He was run over after being thrown from the poorly maintained vehicle he was driving.

The official safety report was released today. The company found to have violated basic safety rules. The vehicle didn’t have a working safety belt. Menzies discouraged workers from wearing seatbelts. Inspections weren’t done properly. My partner’s death could have been prevented. Cesar should be alive today.

Last year alone, Menzies was fined $95,000 for safety violations, including failing to comply with federal and state seatbelt regulations. And Cesar is the fourth Menzies employee to die in California following a workplace accident in the past eight years. That is more than just tragic – that is a scandal that we need to stop.

Cesar himself had become increasingly worried about the safety conditions, telling me that three people were doing the work of six, and that Menzies was pressuring its employees to work faster and faster.

His death leaves me without the man I love and leaves my two children without a father.

Each time we enter an airport, we carry certain beliefs – that we are safe and that we will get to where we are going. The people who make our airports work should have the same security.

Los Angeles World Airports’ Board of Airport Commissioners has the power to remove a company’s license to operate because of serious safety violations. It is time for LAWA to act and hold companies accountable for unsafe working conditions at LAX.


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