To: McDonald's

McDonald's: It's time to do the right thing and pay people enough to LIVE!

McDonald's: It's time to do the right thing and pay people enough to LIVE!

No one who works for a corporation with over $5 billion a year in profits should be forced to use food stamps just to survive. We call on McDonald's Corporation to pay workers $15 an hour and respect their right to organize without interference.

Why is this important?

My name is Connie Bennett, and I can't live on the $8.30/hr poverty wages I am paid by McDonald’s.

I’ve worked at McDonald’s for eight years and have received only one raise. I still just make one nickel more than the minimum wag. That's not fair and it's not right.

I make so little, I've never seen my grandchildren because I can't afford to travel to Virginia, where they live.

I need to work 6 days a week and pick up every shift I can to get close to full-time hours - and it's still not enough. My take-home pay averages $206 per week - and over half of that goes to rent alone.

This is not the American dream.

As a grandmother, it’s especially disheartening that I have so many obstacles blocking me from making a decent wage. Women in our country are paid just 77% of what men are paid, and that gap widens as we age.

Organizing into a union is one of the best ways women have to advocate for equal pay. Women workers in a union make on average 14% more than women without the protections of a union. And we’re 26% more likely to have health insurance.You don’t have to look further than other countries to see the union difference. In Denmark, fast food workers make $21 an hour.


Because they have a union.

Workers from Denmark, France, Finland, Switzerland, New Zealand, Germany and Norway have all joined together to fight for a living wage, and they won.

So that’s what I am doing. I'm calling on McDonald’s to pay a fair wage and respect my right to organize without interference. Let McDonald’s know that you stand with me, and with all women.

Help me make history.

Connie Bennett, McDonald's Striker, Chicago


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