Make Oregon Ballot Envelopes Postage Paid!

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Make Oregon Ballot Envelopes Postage Paid!
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Oregon, United States
Campaign created by Walter Hopgood

Urge your elected officials in Salem to support a bill that would make all election envelopes postage paid. As Oregon leads the Nation in our vote by mail system, we can make it better by having the envelopes that we return our ballots in postage paid.

Why is this important?

Postage paid envelopes will increase voter turnout, which is good for our democracy. No longer will people have to remember to get stamps, worry if the postage is enough, etc. And it can all happen for less than $1Million per General Election.

Category: civil rights
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  • Diana M. 2014-10-22 15:42:48 -0700
    I feel it's kind of stupid to make people pay a fee to vote. By placing a stamp on a ballot we effectively have to pay to vote.