To: California Legislature

Give us back our right to vote to overturn Citizens United!

The California Supreme Court silenced voters by taking the Overturn Citizens United Act (Prop 49) off the ballot even though they ruled we had the right to vote on it. Give us back that right by passing SB 254.

Why is this important?

California's Supreme Court ruled that Californians have the right to vote to tell Congress and the legislature to pass a constitutional amendment overturning Citizens United and saying that corporations aren't people and money isn't speech. But they wouldn't put Prop 49 back on the ballot.

It's outrageous!

So now it's up to the legislature to put the Overturn Citizens United Act back on the ballot by passing SB 254, authored by Senators Ben Allen and Mark Leno, sponsored by Money Out Voters In, and supported by California Clean Money Campaign and many other reform organizations.

Please sign our petition for SB 254 now and share it with your friends!

California, United States

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