To: California Supreme Court

Let Californians Vote to Overturn Citizens United!

Let Californians Vote to Overturn Citizens United!

California Supreme Court: California's constitution gives voters the right to instruct our representatives. Put Prop 49 back on the ballot so we can tell them to overturn Citizens United and say money isn't speech.

Why is this important?

The onslaught of money unleashed by the Supreme Court with Citizens United is destroying our democracy. That's why 45,000 Clean Money supporters joined Money Out Voters In and other Californians demanding California’s legislature put a measure on the ballot letting voters tell Congress to overturn Citizens United.

The legislature listened and put Prop 49 on the ballot. Unfortunately, California’s Supreme Court silenced voters by removing it from the ballot.

Now the Court is taking up the case again, so we must demand they restore Prop 49 to next year’s ballot. Please sign our petition now and share it with your friends!

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