To: Los Angeles Superior Court members of the Civil Grand Jury

LA Superior Court Civil Grand Jury: Investigate/Audit LAUSD iPad and MiSiS Deals!

LA Superior Court Civil Grand Jury: Investigate/Audit LAUSD iPad and MiSiS Deals!

+ Audit the past year's iPad rollout and release reports on inventories, money spent to date, and software updates, to be conducted by an independent external watchdog and released to the public.

+ Investigate the cozy relationships between LAUSD heads and Apple and Pearson executives and make these results public too.

+ Fix the MiSiS crisis *now* without spending additional money. Get software working -- what should've been delivered in the first place -- so kids can succeed.

Why is this important?

Fact-finding first, then real fixes!

Los Angeles parents tired of the incompetence and waste of top LAUSD district officials insist that without findings of fact, they won't get short-term fixes or long-term permanent results. They filed a request for the Los Angeles Superior Court's Civil Grand Jury to investigate and audit for once and for all the money spent, inventories of computers, open bid process, and distribution of education technology in Los Angeles Unified.

As of October 2014, the MiSiS class scheduling program prevents college-bound seniors from completing college applications, special needs children from getting school services they are required to have by law, English language learners from being identified and helped, and negatively impacts LAUSD school funding when there's an inaccurate head count of students for Average Daily Attendance money or underenrollment in Title I free and reduced lunch programs. The MiSiS software cost $130 million but as of mid-October still doesn't work for many schools.

After a year of scrutiny, the iPad rollout involved no teachers, parents, or students in its plan, potentially involved bid-rigging or its appearance between a former superintendent (John Deasy) and the vendors who ultimately won the contract (Apple and Pearson), doesn't work well with existing underpowered wireless and broadband infrastructures, is mostly used for testing, and no one knows exactly how many of the tablets there are. This is not how to support students who need to learn digital literacy skills. About $70 million of this planned "$1 billion" deal has been spent so far.

That's about $200 million of public money potentially misspent or wasted. It's money that could've gone to things that help children learn and give them meaningful experiences at school. It's time LAUSD provides the families it serves real accountability for the funds spent and delivers on basic services students are supposed to receive by law.

The investigation and audit by the Civil Grand Jury could bring necessary facts to light and put LAUSD on the road to permanent fixes. Incompetence unremedied becomes injustice. Let's get the facts in place and get LAUSD working -- NOW!

How it will be delivered

Email/In person/Press conference

Reasons for signing

  • My school struggles to ensure every qualified child gets counted to receive needed federal dollars to support their learning. The MISIS mess endangers that effort. Thank you, Khallid, for speaking up for our children.
  • I pay nearly $1,000 a year directly to LAUSD through my property tax bill, and I don't have ciildren. Deasy and the school board have WASTED billions of dollars, mostly on Administrator salaries and illegal deals. Deasy and the entire LAUSD school board need to be fired, right now!
  • Our children deserve our support and the truth about how their resources are being used, good or bad.


2014-11-06 00:19:18 -0800

The Chief Technology Officer of LAUSD stepped down late Friday (Halloween). Rightly so: the MiSiS CriSiS happened on his watch:

And now it appears unexpected outages of MiSiS are causing loss of entered grades and a delay in elementary school report cards being issued:

When will the incompetency stop? How much money will this take?

2014-10-22 08:27:26 -0700

Deasy's finally out. This is a win for LAUSD families!

BUT -- MiSiS software still isn't fixed! Yesterday a father of an LAUSD high school senior publicly urged the L.A. Superior Court's Civil Grand Jury to open an investigation and audit of the MiSiS CriSiS and the iPad deals so *real* fixes could be made. His daughter needs a crucial biology class to graduate, and college application deadlines are coming soon. Kids need immediate solutions NOW.

$130 million for buggy software and another $60-70 million for a botched iPad program...let's start with a full inventory of hardware/software so schools aren't trying to use MiSiS on outdated devices.

We changed the petition target to the LA County Superior Court Civil Grand Jury in support of LAUSD parents. If they take on the parents' request, they would issue a public report by June 30, 2015. This is the external, independent scrutiny bad ed tech deals need!

2014-09-08 23:37:19 -0700

We made it to 250 signers! Here's what you need to know: recently Superintendent Deasy released a 6-page memo doubling down on his actions. Words in his own emails have come back to haunt him.

Tomorrow, LAUSD School Board member Monica Ratliff will be calling for the results of the Inspector General's new report on any part of the iPad procurement process to be released to the public. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT WE WANT. The Inspector General is the internal watchdog for LAUSD, and we still demand an independent external investigation/audit. But for now, we the public *must* see the results of the IG's report. We deserve to know.

Support Monica Ratliff in her call! It goes before LAUSD School Board Members on September 9, 2014; it'll be voted on by them on October 14, 2014, according to the LA Times:

Share & urge friends to sign -- account for the money and determine if bid-fixing happened!

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100 signatures reached

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Hot off the presses! Tell your friends -- KPCC just reported a story with the headline "LA schools iPads: Officials on bid committee got free tablets, resort trips" -- see the link here:

Don't throw good money after bad! LAUSD should investigate any abuses and be prepared to release a full audit to the public. The public deserves to know!