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LA Unified cannot afford to be divided: . . NO on Resolution #42

LA Unified cannot afford to be divided:  .  .  NO on Resolution #42

Monica GarcĂ­a's Resolution #42*, "Increasing Equity in Funding Cuts for Our Highest Need Students", destroys equity between LAUSD schools and its students by diminishing the entitlement of Title I eligibility for 72,393 students who qualify for free-and-reduced-price-meals (18% of total enrollment) across 140 schools in LA "Unified".

We, the undersigned, understand federal Title I funds are mandated to supplement the education of schools first in which the concentration of children from low-income families exceeds 75% <>.

Resolution 42 would diminish resources among students who choose a large school, of relative socioeconomic diversity, as measured by the concentration of Title I eligible students between 50%-80%. Currently LAUSD supports schools of low-income concentration between 50%-65% at a lower per-pupil rate. But there is no legal mandate to disenfranchise students attending schools of low-poverty concentration between 75%-80%, and there is no moral one to disenfranchise the rest.

Exercising School Choice should not mean conceding necessary resources.

By shifting Title I funds from schools of middling poverty concentration to those of the highest, federal funds designed to supplement the education of all impoverished, become a wedge between artificially partitioned constituents. Creating a tiered classification of poverty "entitlement" among schools where 3 in 4 children are of low-income, implies without justification that some LAUSD Title I-eligible students are somehow less deserving of their federal entitlement.

* The resolution will come before the LAUSD School Board on 6/13/17 at 2:30pm.

Why is this important?

Resolution 42 would divide our school system by "taking from Peter to pay Paul." And yet most stakeholders are unaware of the proposal and its significant impact on every single LAUSD school's budget because the resolution is brought for consideration after school has closed for the summer. Even while next year's board members have prioritized increased transparency of budget deliberations, this resolution would disenfranchise 72,393 students in 140 schools, without meaningful warning.

We urge you to reaffirm LA Unified means equity for all our students. PLEASE VOTE NO ON RESOLUTION #42.

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Reasons for signing

  • We want equal funding for all students in all schools.
  • We can't afford to lose our Title I. We already suffered a budget cut.


2017-06-15 09:45:08 -0700

Dear Fellow Unified Friends of LAUSD:

Thanks for your support helping our board members understand there could be harmful, unintended consequences of this resolution. Dividing the school community is a poor plan.

They also heard that this resolution was premature because it presumes the cuts have occurred already. Yet they may not happen at all. Things should become more clear in the Fall.

Tuesday the board voted 6-1 to send this idea back to the drawing board to incorporate actual rather than hypothesized cuts, and in a way that doesn't divide parents and hurt kids in need. ...

2017-06-15 09:44:55 -0700

... So a new version of this resolution will be back: we need you! Please stay involved in the matter. It would be terrific if you would consent to sharing your email as this petition site releases only mailing address.

If you are willing to lend your name to the effort seeing our schools get funded better, please drop an email to this address and we'll start to build that coalition:

Thank you so much for your support at the board on Tuesday. Please pat yourselves on the collective back, as it were: it's a relief our school budgets won't be cut further.

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