Keep Ed Schultz in a prime weekday TV time slot


Keep Ed Schultz in a prime weekday TV time slot
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Keep Ed Schultz in a prime weekday TV time slot!

Why is this important?

Ed Schultz has been one of few in the media who supports working class people. With his prominent voice on prime-time MSNBC television we as class warriors have had an ally on television for not only our values but our friends and colleagues.

Ed rises above the typical Beltway insider politics to deliver hard hitting news that gets to the heart of the issue. He speaks for the every day working guy, those gathered around the TV at the fire station house, the educator who is grading papers while listening, and the every day activist like you and me who tune in each night.

The Teamsters Union is also joining in us in standing up for Ed Schultz:
"This sharp-elbow knock of Ed from his primetime slot at 8 p.m. Eastern is bad news for working people. No one covers our issues and concerns better than Ed. In fact, no one on TV but Ed really covers them at all.

"We love Ed because he gets it. He cuts through the bull with his plain talk. He doesn’t try to one-up with charts, graphs, footnotes and brainy intellect. Rather, he invites us to his kitchen table for a nightly chat. His passion for improving the lives of the middle class is contagious."

Join me in demanding our true class war hero Ed Schultz stays on weeknights on MSNBC.

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  • Lila P. 2013-11-04 15:51:48 -0800
    He is the only journalts that speak for the retirees, and working class of people
  • peter h. 2013-10-26 15:29:19 -0700
    ed schultz is one of the few real advocates for the rights of the middle class, both on radio and television.
  • linda r. 2013-08-25 11:09:51 -0700
    we've missed him and glad to see he's coming back at 5pm. we like his straight talking style