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It's time to un-authorize the Iraq war

It's time to un-authorize the Iraq war

Authorizing the Iraq war was one of the worst mistakes Congress ever made. It’s time for Congress to finally turn the last page on that disastrous war by repealing the 2002 Iraq war authorization.

Why is this important?

Launching the Iraq war was one of the worst decisions in American history, and today, while our troops have all come home, the law that authorized that disastrous war remains on the books.

The Iraq war started after Congress gave George W. Bush the authorization to unleash America’s military might by passing the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002, a law that remains in place.

Today Iraq, which has been devastated by years of conflict coming on top of a brutal dictatorship, remains a violent, unstable nation, a living testament to the failed military adventures of the Bush years. There are even some in Washington who are calling for America to send the American military back into Iraq today to deal with the continuing violence. [1]

Thankfully, a bipartisan group in Congress has introduced legislation to repeal the Iraq war authorization, ensuring that no American combat soldiers can be sent back into Iraq by this, or any future, President. [2] Unfortunately, even with the last US combat troops having left Iraq over two years ago, there are some who want to keep this law on the books. That’s why we need your voice to help un-authorize the Iraq war.

In the past, war authorizations were often left un-repealed, as Presidents could be trusted to come back to the Congress if they thought new war authorities were needed. Unfortunately, the past 13 years have demonstrated that times have changed. From a seemingly ever-expanding drone war to the recent revelations of massive surveillance of Americans, the danger of relying on the good faith of our leaders is self-evident. Repealing the 2002 Iraq war authorization will serve as a good reminder that all wars must end.

Now is the time for Congress to finally right one of its worst wrongs by repealing the Iraq war authorization.



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