To: Governor Rick Snyder

Infrastructure that's Falling Apart - Filling Potholed roads!

Infrastructure that's Falling Apart - Filling Potholed roads!

Stop the rhetoric; Stop taxing the citizens and come up with a common sense solution to rebuilding our infrastructure. We do not need more patchwork efforts to fix our crumbling roads which are in a sad state of disrepair. Stop the cities in Michigan from hiring their own contractors to do patchwork maintenance and repairs and get a quality contractor for all of the state so work is done in unison. Use quality materials to build our roads and bridges and stop this half gap half-funded effort at maintaining our roads and bridges. We want you to take the budget and carve out the funds needed to accomplish this. If there is money in the rainy day fund then this is the time to use it as we are in a state of emergency.

Why is this important?

I have watched over the years as our roads have started crumbling. It reminds me of a third world country. We live in the United States of America and to live like this is unacceptable. I am tired of nearly missing a huge pothole, calling the road commission and having them patch it up with tar. Its starting to look so unprofessional and the work is temporary. They always have those huge barrels out there working on the roads but they don't look any better. After a few years we're right back at it trying to repair the same roads. The potholes are so bad we are amassing huge expenses to repair damaged cars. This goes on year after year after year. Its time for the governor to fix this problem and stop raising our taxes every time the citizens start screaming about it. Money did not fix the problem when taxes were raised so we the citizens would like for our elected officials to stop playing politics; stop raising our taxes and FIX THIS PROBLEM!!!

Oh, and another thing. Get those huge trucks off the road and maybe our roads can last a lot longer. I have an idea, lets start using the trains for better transporting of goods and fix those trains as part of the infrastructure package. I tried once to gather a group of like-minded folks to re-build our train infrastructure but no luck. Maybe if we had done this we would not be having this conversation now.

We need officials with a vision for Michigan, the motor city, now!!

How it will be delivered

Whatever will be best. I will do it by email; in person to one of our officials running for the senate, Ellen Lipton. Would love to do a press conference too but how?

Michigan, United States

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Reasons for signing

  • we are taxed to the hilt,and pay a wheel tax why is nothing done


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I just made a call to Ellen Lipton who is running for State Senate after receiving her flying today. She is concerned about our decaying infrastructure, specifically potholes so I thought I would align myself with her when it comes time to deliver the petitions.