To: The owners of Humphry Slocombe ice cream Jake Godby and Sean Vahey.

Humphry Slocombe: Stop being racist

A representative from the high-end coffee company whose "New Orleans" style coffee was being used by Humphry Slocombe (and who only found out about the name after the public outcry) has said that the "Affo Ghetto" has been pulled and, if offered again, will be offered under a new name.

Humphry Slocombe: Stop being racist

"Rename your 'Affo Ghetto' menu item and apologize for the racist pun."

Why is this important?

Local ice cream company Humphry Slocombe has a New Orleans-style coffee and ice cream drink it's calling "Affo Ghetto" -- a play on words combining "affogato" (an Italian dessert of ice cream and coffee that literally means "drowned") and the word "ghetto."

The casual racism implicit in making a joke out of ghettoization is itself terrible. American ghettos exist because of a long and sordid history of institutionalized racism and oppression.

But making a joke about New Orleans ghettos given what happened during Katrina? That's just a whole different level of despicableness.

The company should immediately rename this item and apologize for making a racist pun that makes light of the utterly devastating human tragedy and systematic oppression experienced by New Orleans residents before, during and after Katrina.

San Francisco, CA, United States


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  • I love Credo for what it does, but at the same time; every new petition I sign makes me hate the human race as a whole; for our lack of any care for our fellow human beings (RACE/SEX/GENDER - IT DOESN'T MATTER! How can you make light of a national atrocity. Would you name an ice cream flavor after, poking fun @ 9/11 and the World Trade Center? Or Auscuwitz? No! So this shouldn't be allowed period.
  • Call out and stop microaggressions in their tracks and we'll make faster progress on the macro ones.


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