To: Senator Michael Bennet

Hold in-person town halls in Colorado’s Front Range

Hold in-person town halls in Colorado’s Front Range

You need to answer for your decision to help advance Judge Gorsuch’s nomination in the United States Senate. Hold open and in-person town-hall meetings in the Front Range.

Why is this important?

Since introducing Judge Neil Gorsuch, Colorado Senator Michael Bennet has held zero in-person town halls in the Front Range. Despite his whirlwind tour of Colorado’s conservative areas like El Paso, Montezuma and Mesa counties in March, he has not faced his constituents in the more progressive communities of the state since Donald Trump entered the White House.[1]

We need a leader who will stand up to Trump and his lapdogs in the Republican party, not cave on key fights. That’s why it’s so important that we hold Senator Bennet accountable during this congressional recess.

Bennet tried to have it both ways on the Gorsuch fight: First he piled praise on Gorsuch when he introduced him to the Senate Judiciary Committee, then he stood with the Republicans and normalized Judge Gorsuch’s extreme right-wing credentials by opposing the filibuster, before finally announcing he would vote against confirmation.[2]

We deserve better. A clear majority of Coloradans rejected Trump by more than 375,279 votes.[3] Our leaders should do everything they can to represent the majority of Coloradans who explicitly rejected Trump’s agenda of hate, racism and sexism.

Gorsuch could play the deciding role in pivotal upcoming Supreme Court cases and help to advance the right-wing’s assault on worker rights or the separation of church and state.[4] When that happens, Bennet will own those decisions.

Our elected officials – both Republican and Democrat – should face their constituents and answer for their votes rather than turn their backs on us. It’s time for Senator Bennet to have in-person Front Range town hall meetings.








2017-05-18 08:21:25 -0700

Sen. Michael Bennet just announced THREE town halls in the Front Range. There is no doubt that our collective pressure helped make this possible.

In the time since we launched this campaign to demand that Sen. Bennet face his constituents over his vote to advance Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation, more than 4,500 Coloradans signed the petition, and national press took note.

If you can make it to one of Sen. Bennet’s town halls tomorrow, here are the details:

Fort Collins:



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