To: City Council of Columbia, MO

Hold a Public Hearing about the Prairie State Energy Campus

Hold a Public Hearing about the Prairie State Energy Campus

Hold a public hearing at which representatives of the Missouri Joint Municipal Electric Utility Commission and Peabody Energy are called upon to answer questions from city officials, financial experts, and Columbia residents about the Prairie State Energy Campus.

Why is this important?

The citizens of Columbia are committed to steering the city toward a future of clean, renewable energy. We have no desire to pay for high-cost, high-risk, coal-generated electricity from the Prairie State Energy Campus.

Peabody Energy developed this “mine to mouth” power plant as a way to burn some unmarketably low-grade coal reserves it owned in southern Illinois. But because Peabody got Midwestern cities to foot the bill, Columbia is now in debt for a strip mine, power plant, and coal ash landfill that are more than $2 billion over-budget, and we have to keep making payments no matter how poorly the plant runs.

We aren't happy that our electric rates, as well as our tax dollars, are subsidizing a project designed specifically to pull more dirty coal out of the ground.

Columbia has made great progress with its renewable energy standard, but electrical purchases like Prairie State hinder that progress by locking us to unsustainable energy sources for decades.

Columbia, MO, United States

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