To: San Marcos City Council

Help Stop Growing Pains in San Marcos - Save Buie Tract 1400 Craddock Ave

Help Stop Growing Pains in San Marcos - Save Buie Tract 1400 Craddock Ave

Stop Capstone Collegiate Properties from developing Buie Tract.

Why is this important?

Buie Tract is an ecologically sensitive area and is important both for endangered species (Golden-cheeked Warbler) and for the natural functioning of the Edwards Aquifer. Due to natural formations on this land and the impact it may have on the aquifer, a geologist recommended against developing this land, which is near Purgatory Creek Natural Area, and was therefore replaced with someone willing to write what the developers wanted to hear. Now San Marcos City Council has approved the land to be developed by Capstone Collegiate Properties into a 46 acre 1,112 bedroom student housing project near the intersection of Craddock and Wonder World Drive. This must be stopped! Urban sprawl should not be allowed to chip away at the priceless natural areas surrounding our town. Speak up and tell our city council that this kind of development is irresponsible and unacceptable.

San Marcos, TX


Reasons for signing

  • That's wayyyyyyyyyyy too many students let alone people to have safety in and around the area.
  • I second Gojira.
  • save our precious natural resources and condense living spaces in under utilized buildings that can be repurposed.


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