To: President Obama

Help Me Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline and Expose Conflicts of Interest

Help Me Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline and Expose Conflicts of Interest

“Please reject the Keystone XL pipeline based on its clearly documented environmental risks, the multiple corporate conflicts of interest it entails, and the flawed process the State Department used to support it.”

Why is this important?

This is one of the shortest, easiest requests you'll ever hear from anyone: help me stop the Keystone XL pipeline before it's too late.

The State Department just released its final environmental impact statement for the pipeline, and the clock is ticking. There aren't many barriers left. If Keystone's parent company TransCanada gets its way, the deal will be done in a matter of months. The decision now rests with President Obama -- one of the most important he'll make during his presidency.

It should be easy. The State Department Inspector General is still writing a report on the multiple corporate conflicts of interest TransCanada failed to disclose to federal authorities, including work it had previously done with Environmental Resources Management, its handpicked contractor who wrote the Keystone EIS for the State Department. The EIS should have waited at least until the inspector general's work is done. It's hard to evaluate a document whose credibility is still the subject of an audit.

Please co-sign my comment to President Obama telling him to reject the Keystone XL pipeline. I'll be sending it to the president soon along with the names of everyone who signs on in agreement, so I hope you'll add your name.

I know you agree that corporate tycoons shouldn't make these decisions for the country, especially when they lie on their paperwork and aren't held accountable. Now we have to tell the White House how we feel. Please sign my petition today to stop Keystone XL and say no to blank checks for oil companies.

Unfortunately, some members of Congress -- including some in my own party -- are trying to pressure President Obama into approving Keystone XL in order to please dirty energy companies. With a decision on Keystone XL expected soon, it is critical that the President also hears from grassroots-backed progressive elected officials who know that Keystone XL is environmentally-disastrous and should be rejected.

Politico quoted me when the EIS came out, and I stand 100 percent behind what I said then: "The fact that the Canadian government and the oil industry were reportedly briefed . . . before Congress was given the courtesy of a heads-up speaks volumes. It encourages the already widely held impression that the fix was in from the beginning. If the administration expects to avoid the lasting stink of having ignored every red flag in the book, it needs to explain itself."

Add your name to my statement to President Obama and demand that he rejects the Keystone XL pipeline.



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