To: Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO)

Fix the gridlock, let us choose rooftop solar

Fix the gridlock, let us choose rooftop solar

The people of Hawai'i are leading the U.S. in adoption of rooftop solar, but Hawaiian Electric (HECO) is increasingly standing in the way of continued growth by preventing people from connecting their solar to the grid.

HECO must truly serve the public and fix the gridlock that is keeping Hawai'i residents from using rooftop solar as an affordable, clean power source for our homes.

Why is this important?

It should be a point of pride that so many residents--a remarkable one in ten--have opted for a more affordable, cleaner way to power their homes in Hawai'i. The bright abundance of rooftop solar in Hawaii, driven by strong consumer demand, is cutting-edge.
But while Hawaii consumers are leading the way, Hawaiian Electric is resisting innovation. The monopoly utility is standing in the way of its own customers. HECO pays lip service to clean energy, but their negligence of the grid demonstrates a crippling lack of commitment. We want our utility to succeed, but we can’t allow it to set the pace and dictate the terms of our transition to clean energy.  
More than 90% of Hawaii residents support having 'as many people as we can install solar power in…homes and businesses to advance the state's clean energy goals.' (Source: Tulchin Research survey September 2013)
It’s long past time that HECO did, too. In exchange for its monopoly power, HECO needs to serve the public’s interest in choosing rooftop solar.

Honolulu, HI, United States


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