To: Governor Andrew Cuomo

Gov. Cuomo: Stop ignoring New York's Public School Students!

Gov. Cuomo:  Stop ignoring New York's Public School Students!

Governor Cuomo: You are the Governor of ALL New York’s school children, not just the 3% who go to privately run charter schools. The 97% of our children in public schools deserve the same commitment to more funding that you have pledged for privately run charter schools. But the budget you have proposed will mean another year of damaging classroom cuts in public schools. We demand that you fight for a dramatically larger increase in funding for public schools instead of proposing only to increase New York State’s investment in privately run charter schools.

Why is this important?

I am a mother of eight children and all have received a quality education. But since Andrew Cuomo became governor of New York, our public schools are in steady decline. Just this past week, Governor Cuomo gave a rousing speech where he kicked our public schools around like soccer balls and promised to lead the fight for more funding for privately run charter schools instead.

I guess that makes him Governor 3% because privately-run charter schools only serve 3% of New York State’s students. But they do have a very important constituency: Wall Street financiers with a school privatization agenda—and these guys have been opening their wallets for Cuomo’s reelection campaign.

Meanwhile our public schools are totally neglected by Governor Cuomo. Can you believe he has not toured a SINGLE public school since he took office?

He has severely underfunded our public schools. Our public school students have absorbed massive cuts to the arts, summer school, tutoring, and college credit courses because Governor Cuomo's budgets have left our public schools on a starvation diet. As a result:
· 61% have increased class sizes;
· 55% have cutback music and art;
· 38% have cut summer school; and
· 32% have cut extra help for students who need it.

Now if his latest budget proposal goes forward, our public school kids can expect even more classroom cuts. That is why we have to act right away! Please help my kids, our kids all across New York State.

There is not a minute to waste, the New York State budget is being fought over right now in Albany.

Let Governor Cuomo know that his education budget is unacceptable. Tell him his plan to divert funding from public schools to privately run charters is a non-starter. Sign the petition and spread the word to your friends, New York’s students need you to raise your voice now.

New York, United States

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