To: Walmart CEO Doug McMillon

Quality paid family leave for all Walmart employees

Quality paid family leave for all Walmart employees

Walmart is one of the richest retailers in the world, but its corporate policies leave hard-working families in dire straits. It shouldn’t be this way. Being pro-family isn’t just a corporate value – it’s needs to be a corporate practice. We call on you to publicly commit to provide all Walmart employees with access to quality paid family leave.

Why is this important?

Two weeks after my youngest son Zyon was born, I had to leave his side to go back to work at my job at Walmart. I wasn’t ready to go back – my baby needed me and I was still recovering from a complicated pregnancy. But there was no choice: If I didn’t go back to work, we would lose our apartment.

That’s because despite having worked at Walmart for three years, the company didn’t even provide me with a single day of paid leave after the birth of my child.

At two weeks old, Zyon had to enter the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. For four months I had to leave his side so I could go to my shift at Walmart, after which I would go straight back to the hospital. Each time It was incredibly hard to leave him. I ended up having to quit my job at Walmart because of the time I needed to spend with Zyon at the NICU.

Walmart defines company culture as its values in action and says that it is “guided by good.” But Walmart’s corporate policies for working moms and dads don’t reflect those values and leaves members of the Walmart retail family flailing in the storm. Public pressure is the only way to force CEO Doug McMillon and other Walmart decision makers at Walmart to improve the policies and working conditions that impact people like me. Bad publicity means less money in its pockets, which is the only thing we know the company cares about. If you sign my petition, you can send a strong message that you're with us in our fight.

I had to leave my newborn baby far too soon after he was born to return to my job at Walmart because of the company’s terrible paid family leave policies. I am not the only one. Hourly associates like me get little to no paid leave to take care of ourselves and our families. That’s why my co-workers at I are challenging Walmart to publicly commit that all hourly workers at Walmart get 12 weeks paid family Leave just like executives get.

Will you join me and add your name to my petition telling Walmart CEO Doug McMillon to publicly commit to provide all employees with access to quality family leave?



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