To: Kent State University's Board of Trustees

End Student Debt at Kent State University

End Student Debt at Kent State University

Kent State University Board of Trustees, we as students, alumni, prospective students, faculty, staff and community members, demand that you: End the credit hour cap, freeze tuition, fees, room and board for five years, and make a five year plan to make Kent State University a debt free campus.

Why is this important?

Student debt is a major economic injustice that denies students the opportunity to go to college, or a life without extreme financial strain. At KSU, tuition and fee's are being raised every year for bonuses and additional construction. Increasing the costs of college has been the Board's solution to additional costs since 1987, increasing tuition more than four fold over the past 26 years. This way of budgeting must end. If it doesn't end, based off current trends, in-state tuition for 2016 will be over $11,000. Help us end this horrible trend of increasing costs, and help Kent State University be a debt free campus.

Below is a letter that goes into more detail about the three issues we want changed. We will present it to the Board of Trustees, along with the petition signatures...

To the Board of Trustee’s for Kent State University:

We as students, future students, alumni, student supporters, and faculty and staff demand 3 changes be set in place. First, we petition you to terminate the 16-hour credit hour cap. This injustice forces students to take fewer classes or pay a ludicrous fee to take more than 16 hours. Those who take fewer classes to avoid the fee, then have to take more semesters, which still forces them to pay more in tuition than if there was no credit hour cap. In addition, for those who chose to graduate on time and take more than 16 hours, they are required to pay an additional fee that is unmerited. Either way, the student’s debt is increased. We are a liberal arts school that is supposed to create well-rounded students; how can we so that with a credit hour cap?

Moreover we decree that you put a freeze on the cost of tuition, fees, and room and board for 5 years. The increases are putting students in further debt and financial hardship, all because they want a better future. This freeze will allow the students from financial security for 5 years while you decide on a better system. Increasing such costs is not the answer to for more students or better facilities.

Our third demand is that the Board of Trustees develops a plan during the 5 year freeze, for a debt free campus. This plan will then take place once the freeze is over, so students can continue to not struggle financially. This includes expanding the FYE course to have a focused section on financial aid, loans, and loan payment. This is to help insure that students understand these processes and use them correctly. Also a better budget for Kent State University, in which the cost of college is not increased for bonuses, more scholarships or construction.

We urge you to heed our requests.


How it will be delivered

We are scheduling a meeting with the Board of Trustees for late July. We will be delivering the petitions, discussing Student Debt at Kent State University, and our hope to work with the Board to decrease the KSU student debt.

Kent State University, East Summit Street, Kent, OH, United States


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Guys, were doing so well, and getting a lot of signatures, but it shouldn't stop there. Please don't forget to share this petition with someone. Parents, future students, classmates, friends, they are all impacted by student debt, and we want to give them all a voice. You can use email, Facebook, or twitter. Thanks again!!

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