To: President Obama and the United States Congress

Pres. Obama and Congress: Enact a Basic Income for all Americans

Pres. Obama and Congress: Enact a Basic Income for all Americans

Implement a guaranteed Basic Income for all Americans, which would end poverty in the United States and provide a 21st-century social safety net to deal with widespread, tech-driven unemployment in the years ahead.

Why is this important?

Income inequality in the United States has risen sharply in recent years and continues to get worse. Widespread unemployment is becoming imminent, as more and more traditional jobs are replaced by technology and automation. Without serious intervention, we could face massive increases in poverty and civil unrest in the years ahead.

A guaranteed Basic Income, which would directly provide all Americans with enough money each month to live on, would both end poverty in the US and shift our economy to one that doesn't require full employment. It's a simple program that could save us from the looming economic crises.

It's time for the federal government to create a social safety net designed for the 21st-century. We're calling on President Obama and members of the United States Congress to enact a Basic Income for all Americans.




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