To: Pennsylvania State Goverment

Don't Limit Our Rights in Pennsylvania

Don't Limit Our Rights in Pennsylvania

Please join me in telling state legislators to respect our voices, our democracy and our families by opposing HB 1807.

Why is this important?

I want to have a voice in my community – that’s why I vote, take part in local hearings, and go to school board meetings.

I’m not alone. Pennsylvanians value our ability to make decisions that affect our schools, our neighborhoods and our communities. We know what works best in our backyards.
But some legislators in Harrisburg think they know better. They are trying to limit our rights and silence our voices with statewide legislation. What’s worse is that this legislation introduced by Rep. Grove (York) would hurt middle class and working women and families, like mine.

What we really need is for Harrisburg to stand up for all of us. To fight for policies that help create good jobs statewide, not to try to put an end to local efforts to support our families and strengthen our economy.

But big corporate lobbyists are at it again, and these state legislators are doing their bidding by trying to roll back and prevent local policies for earned sick days and decent wages.

Having been a school nurse for 29 years, I witnessed time and time again children who came to school sick because their parents had to work and couldn’t afford to take the day off to spend time helping their children get better. When families don’t have access to earned sick days, it hurts our children’s health, and it hurts our economy. About forty percent of Pennsylvanians have no access to earned sick days. Every time these workers get sick, they must choose between working while sick (often in our restaurants, nursing homes, and child care centers) or not being able to afford to pay their rent, purchase groceries, and support the businesses that rely on them in their community.

Local policies like paid sick days do not cost the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania one dime while protecting our families, businesses and public health.

Please join me in signing this petition to tell state legislators to respect our voices, our democracy and our families by opposing HB 1807.



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Thanks to everyone who signed this petition! Bill HB 1807 just passed out of committee a few minutes ago, which means that it will be voted on by the full State House. Please let your legislators know how you feel by calling them right now - you can use our call-in page at

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