To: Gina McCarthy, EPA Administrator

Don't Let States Undermine the Clean Power Plan

Don't Let States Undermine the Clean Power Plan

Don’t let states undermine the Clean Power Plan. Create and enforce an aggressive federal implementation plan that will reduce pollution in low-income communities and communities of color, emphasize renewable energy sources like wind, solar and geothermal, and won’t let big corporations pay to pollute.

Why is this important?

Hi, my name is Sandy Lindsey. I’ve lived in Cincinnati, Ohio my whole life, where I’m a leader with Communities United For Action (CUFA). Together with our allies at National People’s Action, we’re fighting for healthier and fairer communities. I’m also the proud mother of three beautiful children: Destiny, D'Aijha and Dyson. I’m writing to you today because of them.

My youngest daughter, D’Aijha, suffers from acute asthma. She couldn't participate in outdoor sports until she was 7 and missed weeks of school to go to the hospital. It’s still tough to let her go out and play without worrying that she’s going to have an attack. I know I’m not alone. It sometimes seems like every other kid in our neighborhood suffers from something like asthma or severe allergies.

President Obama’s Clean Power Plan, if implemented the right way, can continue the progress we are starting to make. By limiting carbon emissions for the first time, the Clean Power Plan will continue slowing climate change pollution, reduce the air pollution that causes asthma, and can bring green jobs to the communities that need them most.

In some states, like Ohio, state governments are putting corporate profits before people and the planet. They're refusing to create strong state Clean Power Plans and refusing to protect communities like mine from air pollution. We deserve better. We deserve a clean energy future that puts people and planet first.

I’ve always blamed our bad health on the environment. You see, in 2012 Cincinnati had the 8th worst air quality in the country.[1] It’s not hard to see why.

Cincinnati is surrounded by dirty, coal fired power plants that pump pollution into our air. That pollution ends up concentrated in neighborhoods like mine, where people are mostly black and mostly low-income. People here can’t always afford air filters or the health care we need to cope.

At the same time that these coal-burning power plants steal years from our lives and sicken our kids, they spew out greenhouse gases, which cause climate change. Climate change, like air pollution, hits communities of color and low-income people first and worst.

We all deserve clean air, a stable climate and an economy that creates good jobs, not pollution.
That’s why we need the EPA to create a strong federal implementation plan for states that refuse to create powerful Clean Power Plans. The federal implementation plan will also serve as a gold standard for other states to look to as they build their own plans. Sign my petition and tell the EPA to make sure that all kids are protected from pollution and climate change, no matter where they live.

[1] State of the Air 2015. American Lung Association.


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