To: Patricia de Stacy Harrison, President and Chief Executive Officer, Corporation for Public Broadcasting; Paula Kerger, President and CEO, Public Broadcasting Service; and Sally Jo Fifer, President and CEO, Independent Television Service

Don't let Koch money influence public television programming!

Don't let Koch money influence public television programming!

Koch money shouldn't influence public television programming -- we want to see the film Citizen Koch aired on PBS!

Why is this important?

The New Yorker recently reported that public television backed out of airing the documentary Citizen Koch -- just because they were afraid of upsetting billionaire donor David Koch. David Koch has donated $23 million as a board member of two flagship PBS stations, WNET in New York and WGBH in Boston.

Public television was founded to support the public interest, not to cater to the private interests of wealthy donors like the Koch brothers. Directed by Academy Award-nominated filmmakers, Citizen Koch exposes the outsize role of money in American politics, from the Kochs and other major political spenders. This is exactly the kind of dialogue that public television was founded to foster, regardless of whether or not a powerful donor is happy about it.

Add your name -- public television should end the self-censorship and air Citizen Koch!


Reasons for signing

  • Anybody that afraid of exposure must have a lot to hide. In my mind PBS is the last bastion of truth in a democracy, PUBLIC being the operative word. That means NOT a wholly owned subsidiary of Koch enterprises.
  • I make an annual contribution as well as millions of others. We too have a voice
  • Keep PBS and NPR politically neutral and free from money influence!


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