To: California Public Utility Commissioners

Say no to dirty energy in California

Say no to dirty energy in California

Dear California Public Utilities Commissioners,

We strongly urge the Commission to reject SDG&E’s application to build 600 MW of new natural gas generation. This unnecessary investment in fossil power would come at a major cost to energy customers, public health and our climate. Clean energy options should be given an opportunity to compete to meet the energy needs of SDG&E ratepayers through an open procurement process.

Why is this important?

One of California’s largest utilities - SDG&E - plans to replace a shuttered nuclear plant with massive amounts of new gas power – all through an insider deal that doesn’t allow clean energy options to compete. This rush for more fossil power would come at a major cost to energy customers, public health and our climate.

Together we can urge our state regulators to reject this reckless plan and keep California on the path to clean energy!

SDG&E’s proposal is just another example of the utility supporting its own interests rather than those of the families and businesses it serves. We can meet Southern California’s new energy needs reliably and affordably with clean energy – yet SDG&E is pushing a proposal for a huge amount of unnecessary, expensive and polluting fossil power.

In addition to costing energy customers billions of dollars, this natural gas bonanza carries a big price tag for our climate. The California Air Resources Board has already reported an increase in climate pollution from natural gas generation in the wake of the nuclear plant's closure. Permanently increasing our dependence on fossil power would put California even farther behind on our carbon reduction and clean energy targets. That’s a loss on climate progress that we simply can’t afford.

Want to learn more? Check out this article explaining SDG&E's dirty plan:

How it will be delivered

Groups from all over the state will meet together in San Francisco the week of August 8th to deliver the petition directly to the California Public Utility Commissioners


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