To: House Speaker John Boehner, Majority Leader Eric Cantor, Ways and Means Chairman Rep. Dave Camp and Budget Chairman Rep. Paul Ryan.

Congress must take urgent action to extend unemployment benefits

Congress must take urgent action to extend unemployment benefits

Don’t turn your backs on over two million struggling jobseekers. Take urgent action to extend the expired federal Emergency Unemployment Insurance program, and bring much-needed relief to long-term unemployed Americans.

Why is this important?

Three days after Christmas the federal Emergency Unemployment Insurance program expired, snatching away the safety net for more than two million Americans who have lost their jobs in an economic downturn. This program provides millions with a vital lifeline as they seek work in an economy that has yet to fully recover.

Congress must act quickly to prevent millions of families from facing difficult choices like deciding between paying bills or buying food.

Today, our economy still has fewer jobs than when the recession began in 2007. American factories have been relocated off-shore or closed and many jobs that were outsourced have not been replaced. Wall Street looting and big banks caused this crisis, but it's the millions of Americans who still can't find work who are paying the price -- a price that would be even greater without the federal Emergency Unemployment Insurance program.

If House GOP leaders fail to extend unemployment benefits for another year, millions will be forced into poverty and homelessness without any unemployment safety net. That's why we need to act now and tell them not to turn their backs on struggling American jobseekers.

Over the past five years, nearly 69 million people have relied on federal unemployment benefits, including almost 17 million children. By helping these Americans pay their bills and feed their families, the program has helped keep billions of dollars circulating through the economy, creating desperately needed jobs for others. If the program is extended another year, the Congressional Budget Office estimates that it will create another 200,000 jobs, moving our country closer to full recovery.

Now is the time to demand that House GOP leaders take urgent action. Sign my petition to insist that Republican leaders extend federal unemployment benefits and create new jobs that our country desperately need.



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