To: All US Citizens over 18 to express our right to self determination, we are the government!

Demand President Trump step down by majority mandate declaration.

Demand President Trump step down by majority mandate declaration.

Sign on to this petition and pay attention, we have this petition on and on and will get it published in other places. We have contacted the Green Party and are writing the Libertarian Party and others to ask their support. Once we hit the million signature mark we will roll out a verifiable on line voting platform, so each citizen who signs will have one vote that counts.

Why is this important?

As President, in just the first month, Mr. Trump hired on millionaire billionaire sociopaths to his cabinet that could care less about the citizens, the environment or the cost of war; Mr. Trump has violated the Constitutional rights of permanent US residents; he has removed regulations on criminal bankers who caused the financial crisis of 2008; He and the Republicans are going to put a national version of, "Right to Work" anti-union laws in place; He and his ilk are dismantling environmental regulations, they are against woman's reproductive rights; Trump has stated that he would use Nuclear weapons against ISIS an act that would kill hundreds of thousands of people that have nothing to do with ISIS and start WWIII. We need to demonstrate the natural right to sovereignty, self determination, through constitutional majority mandate rights of we the people, to revise and reinstate the US constitution as the law of the land. We need to organize and demonstrate a majority mandate to fire Donald Trump and demand that he vacate the office of US President!

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Reasons for signing

  • Trump is mentally ill and a great danger to the people and our country.
  • There is a sick man in the White House
  • He and his cohorts want to destroy the democracy.