To: President Obama

Urge President Obama to Make Federal Contractors Disclose Political Spending!

Urge President Obama to Make Federal Contractors Disclose Political Spending!

President Obama: Corporations that receive taxpayer-funded contracts shouldn't be allowed to spend money on elections in secret. Issue an executive order requiring all federal contractors to disclose their political spending now.

Why is this important?

Currently, corporations that receive government contracts can secretly funnel untold sums into elections to help elect (and re-elect) the very same lawmakers responsible for awarding those contracts. It’s outrageous.

Companies like Lockheed Martin and some subsidiaries of Koch Industries are awash in taxpayer money they receive from federal contracts. And you can bet that the amount of money they plan to spend to influence the upcoming elections is staggering.

All this secret spending was unleashed by Supreme Court decisions like Citizens United, but short of overturning those decisions, there’s something that President Obama can do about this RIGHT NOW.

The president can and should sign an executive order, immediately, requiring federal contractors to disclose their political spending.

With the 2016 election heating up, it will become politically difficult for Obama to issue any executive orders if he waits too much longer. He needs to get this done before it’s too late.

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