To: Governor Jerry Brown, California Assembly Democrats, California Senate Democrats, Democrats Running For State Assembly or Senate Seats

Dear Elected California Democrats: We Demand A Moratorium On Fracking

Dear Elected California Democrats: We Demand A Moratorium On Fracking

(1) We are demanding a moratorium on fracking right now. We are demanding that Governor Brown place an immediate moratorium on fracking or he will not receive our vote for any re-election campaign he may be considering.

We are demanding that our elected Democrats respect the Democratic Party's position on unconventional methods of oil and gas extraction; We are demanding an immediate moratorium on fracking and acidization. We are demanding that our elected Democrats start listening to the majority of their constituents, 58% of whom are demanding a moratorium or a ban on fracking. Finally, we are demanding that our elected Democrats start responding to the irrefutable science of climate change with genuine prudence by ending the fracking nonsense.

(2) We are demanding that our elected leaders come out against fracking and work towards an immediate fracking moratorium in California. We are demanding that they sign on to the letter that Assemblyman Marc Levine has written to Governor Brown, demanding that he place a moratorium on fracking.

Until such actions are taken by each and every individual candidate in the Democratic party, the individual members who are not dedicated to placing a moratorium on fracking will lose our assistance or support until such actions are taken. Such lack of support is mapped out below.

No more donations to any candidate that does not respect the position of the party platform. No more phone banking, no more canvassing, no more fundraising, no more grassroots organizing, no more event planning, and no more assistance to democratic candidates that do not make the implementation of a fracking moratorium a top priority. No more volunteering, no more voter registration, and no more endorsements for candidates that do not favor a moratorium or ban on hydraulic fracturing.

(3) Finally, our elected Democrats, and those who are running for election this fall, will come out against fracking and they will work to immediately place a moratorium on fracking in California or they will not receive our vote in the 2014 elections.

Contested elections against Republicans, regardless of the tightness of the race, will receive the same absence of a vote unless a fracking moratorium is a top priority. Our demands are clear. The implications are real. The choice is theirs.

--------------- THE PLEDGE ---------------

We, the undersigned, pledge to withhold our support and our votes for any member of the Democratic Party who does not support the Democratic Party platform's position on fracking. We pledge to withhold support and votes from any Democratic candidate that fails to make a fracking moratorium a top priority in 2014. We are demanding a fracking moratorium in California right now.

Why is this important?

This petition serves to address the failure of real representative democracy in the state of California. Despite the overwhelming support for a fracking moratorium, our representatives have failed to address the demands we have made thus far.

We Have Demanded It :

> The California Democratic Party passed a resolution in the spring of 2013 demanding a moratorium on Fracking.
> The Majority of Californians -- 58% -- want a moratorium or a ban.
> We have delivered over 300,000 petitions demanding a fracking moratorium.
> We have called, emailed, rallied, protested, and publicly commented.
> 20 of the nations top climate scientists sent a letter asking Governor Brown to halt fracking in California.
> Governor Brown's former advisors have sent him a letter demanding real climate action and a stop to fracking.
> Marc Levine sent Jerry Brown a letter, signed by other members of the senate & assembly, demanding a moratorium.

The leaders of the Democratic Party -- including Governor Brown, Speaker John Perez, and President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg -- have blocked our attempts to pass a moratorium. Instead, we passed a severely crippled fracking regulation bill called SB 4. Thanks to Fran Pavley's authored disaster, we will be conducting a study to see if fracking is "safe" because, according to our so-called "environmental champion", we're just not sure if fracking is safe or not. So, for the next year & a half, we will be "studying" fracking while regulations are formulated. Until then -- the Fall of 2015 -- DOGGR will be signing off on fracking permits with hardly any regulations in place. The bill, nonetheless, is utterly useless to defend communities from the impacts of hydraulic fracturing. This lackadaisical piece of legislation will do nothing to wean us away from carbon intensive forms of energy and it will inevitably lead to more CO2 in the atmosphere, exasperating our current climate predicament.

We Have Many Reasons To Oppose Fracking:

> Earthquakes -- Oklahoma, Texas, Ohio, etc. -- California is seismically active :
> Groundwater Contamination -- Confirmed In Four States Now :
> Spills, Accidents, Noise, Flaring :
> Methane Leakage -- Making Fracked Natural Gas At Least 15% More Carbon Intensive Than Burning Coal :
> Acidization Fumes -- Sickening Communities In LA County :
> Traffic, Road Damage, Industrialization :
> Climate Exasperation -- We Have 500 GigaTons Of CO2 In Our Burnable Budget Before We Pass 2 Degrees. :
> Radioactive Waste Water, Ecological Destruction, Land Desecration :
> The Fracking Industry Is Run By Morally Deprived People
> They Take Advantage Of Low Income Communities
> They Are Anti-Labor, Anti-Logic, Anti-Transparency
> Solar Creates Three Times As Many Jobs As Natural Gas. And The Entire Clean Energy Sector Blows The Fossil Fuel Industry Out Of The Water With Job Creation :
> Fracking Is A Large Waste Of Water (1 to 5 Million Gallons Per Well Per Frack) :
> If They Use Less Water, They Are Using More HCl & HF Acids To Do The Job :
> Most Of The Fracked Water Is Permanently Removed From The Water Cycle : And California Is Currently In A Drought :
> These Frackers Are Arrogant Profiteering Fools

More specifically, Fracking for and burning the projected 12 to 15 billions barrels of oil in the Monterey Shale would emit more CO2 than the Keystone XL pipeline project would. California shale oil is in fact the most carbon intensive crude on the planet -- worse than the Alberta Tar Sands :

The fossil fuel industry is killing the planet, our grandchildren, our ecosystems, and our democracy. We need to ban fracking and other unconventional oil & gas extraction techniques. It's time to put an end to this nonsense. There is no such thing as "safe" fracking :

We Have Reasons To Be Frustrated:

> The Democratic Party's base has made their position clear.
> 58% of Californians have voiced their concerns.
> The nations top climate scientists have called for an end to fracking.
> Hundreds of environmental organizations have demanded it.
> Many REAL REPRESENTATIVES have made their voices heard.
> Nearly 400 communities around the nation have banned or placed a moratorium on Fracking.
> The science is clear, and the cleaner solutions are viable.
> The job numbers are misleading, and they pale in comparison to clean energy jobs.

And We Have One Simple Demand:

We Demand A Moratorium On Fracking -- NOW

California, United States


Reasons for signing

  • Fracking wastes water in its process and in a drought that is nonsense!


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