To: Credit Union National Association (CUNA) & National Association of Federal Credit Unions (NAFCU)

Credit Unions PAC supporting right wing hate machine.

Credit Unions PAC supporting right wing hate machine.

Stop supporting ultra right wing political campaigns!!

Why is this important?

Credit Unions have experienced unprecedented growth in the past few years, in part because of the efforts of Occupy Wall Street and others exposing the criminal actions of many banks. Now, it turns out, the Credit Union Associations are using the funds from it's members to support ultra right wing politicians, like Mitch McConnell, who are anti-union, anti-bank regulation, anti-women, climate change deniers, etc, etc. CUNA's PAC has announced that it has $300,000 it intends to spend on TV & Radio ads in support of Senator McConnell against his progressive democratic opponent Ms. Alison Grimes. They proudly point out that McConnell will become Speaker of the House if the republicans take a majority in the Senate this year.
From their web site "CUNA's PAC, has already donated $10,000 to McConnell's campaign as well as $10,000 to his leadership PAC, NAFCU’s PAC contributed $7,500 to McConnell, according to NAFCU Vice President of Political Affairs Katie Marisic. CUNA plans to spend approximately $274,000 on television advertisements for McConnell and $25,000 in radio ads.

This goes against everything I personally joined a credit union for. It looks like we have been conned again, our friendly little, community owned, credit unions may have become just another tool for the republican hate machine. This must stop.

Reasons for signing

  • I understand that CUNA may feel it needs McConnell so that some expansion to loan size limits may be attained. That expansion could be quite important but find another way. Many of us joined credit unions to help the 99.9% get a more enriched share of the economy. As a co-owner of my credit union, I can take my $100K plus share in West-Aircomm elsewhere.
  • I joined a Community credit union to get away from the Banksters!! Very disappointed : (
  • Many people across this country left the Wall Street Banks to distance themselves and their money from the corruption of our politics by Wall St. As one of those people, and as a board member of a credit union that utilizes CUNA resources, I am appalled.


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