To: Dean David M. Schizer, Columbia University Law School

Columbia Law School: Fire Elizabeth Lederer

Columbia Law School: Fire Elizabeth Lederer

Columbia Law School: Fire Elizabeth Lederer now.

Why is this important?

Elizabeth Lederer was one of the lead prosecutors in "the Central Park Five" case, who wrongfully convicted five teens falsely accused of assaulting and raping a female jogger in New York City's Central Park, on April 19, 1989.

No DNA evidence tied the suspects to the crime, so the prosecution's case rested almost entirely on false confessions. In fact, analysis indicated that the DNA collected at the crime scene did not match any of the suspects — and that the crime scene DNA had all come from a single, as yet unknown person.

Yet the accused teens were forced into false confessions and were put away for years by the overzealous prosecution for crimes they did not commit. The convictions were vacated in 2002 when Matias Reyes, a convicted rapist and murderer serving a life sentence for other crimes, claimed to have committed the crime alone and DNA evidence confirmed his involvement in the rape.

Today, Lederer is still an assistant District Attorney in New York, and she also teaches at Columbia Law School.

No individual who is responsible for locking up innocent boys for years should ever step foot in a classroom to teach students. Ever.


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UPDATE: It looks like Columbia Law has edited Lederer's bio to exclude her involvement in the Central Park Five case. Do not be fooled!

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Reasons for signing

  • Her actions reflect a disregard for justice in pursuit of becoming famous at the expense of people unable to fight back
  • It's like modern day slavery, people had tunnel vision. DNA available over looked they meaning the system only want the evidence to support what they believe is true. A juror says he didn't think they were guilty even with the confession. You could get no direct line of how they were all involved. People have made careers off the case and have never an appropriate apologies to right there wrong. They didn't stand up to there duties and judges and prosecutors.
  • The arrogance of the police and prosecutor's office is appalling. These people had evidence and refused to consider it over their coerced confessions of young men. Our legal system protects those in power from the same prosecution they wield. There were consequences for the five wrongfully convicted boys and there should be consequences for Mrs. Lederer. It is time to enact the consequences that she has avoided all these years.