To: Mayor and 50 Alderman/Alderwomen

Citizens To Abolish Redlight Cameras in Chicago

Citizens To Abolish Redlight Cameras in Chicago

Abolish / Remove all Redlight Cameras and Speed Cameras in the communities surrounding the LOOP. We know this is a fundraising event for the politicians to replace TIFF funds and other money that have been misapporated other places.

Why is this important?

The claim that this is a SAFETY issue in the various communities. There isn't data to validate this statement. The death numbers in the city of Chicago are from GUNS not RELIGHT CAMERAS. !!!!!!

Chicago, IL, North America

Reasons for signing

  • The oppressors are trying to control our movement by putting boots on our cars and taking our license and money. That's wrong.


2015-01-07 10:47:40 -0800

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