To: Attorney general Eric Holder, Department of Justice

Charge House Republicans with Sedition

Sedition is a conspiracy to disrupt or destroy the normal functioning of the government. some time ago 80 Republican representatives signed a pledge to shut down the US government. This was unquestionably an act of Sedition. Millions of American Citizens, and active Troops overseas and at home are already suffering, and many may die because of this action. The action of these men and women has absolutely given aid and comfort to our enemies. We ask that you hold them accountable to the full extent of the law, and arrest them for Sedition.

Why is this important?

The House Republican Tea Party Caucus is a seditionist group intent on overthrowing the legitimate Government and subverting the Constitution. They have publicly stated this on many occasions, and recently enacted a long planned act of insurrection by completely destroying the function of the government with a purely political shut-down. It is time that we stop pussyfooting around, and call this group what it is, a Terrorist Organization, and arrest and charge them accordingly.

Reasons for signing

  • Many of the elected officials have behaved treasonously ... particularly Republicans in House and Senate. Those people should be held accountable.
  • They committed treason!
  • I feel they commited Treason


2013-10-15 11:44:26 -0700

got this from someone who couldn't post a comment, thanks Marion:

I think Holder now has all the ammunition he needs to charge the GOP/TP with treason, sedition, "economic destruction of government, direct economic harm and a form of violence against millions here and abroad, and procedural coup by blackmail. Now the Republican Right’s economic warfare - it’s blackmail, no getting around it - to shut down the government and to destroy its international credit worthiness, has directly surfaced inside the very heart of our democratic processes, our legislative mechanisms. This is a form of “leverage” that a democracy, however flawed, cannot allow."

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