To: All Elected Officials in San Benito County (Water Districts, City Councils, School Boards, etc.)

Endorse Measure J -- Ban Fracking in San Benito County (YES on J)

Endorse Measure J -- Ban Fracking in San Benito County (YES on J)

Endorse Measure J (Ban Fracking in San Benito County) which will be on the ballot this Nov 2014.

Why is this important?

San Benito County has a bright future if we build on our agriculture, tourism, and abundant solar and wind resources. Fracking and dangerous oil extraction put that future at risk

Measure J lets the people decide their future, not outside oil companies.
• The oil industry wants to expand oil drilling in San Benito County.
• They will be using dangerous oil extraction techniques like steam
injection, fracking and matrix acidizing.
• These techniques endanger our water, health, jobs, and way of life.

Measure J protects our water.
• It bans fracking, steam injection and matrix acidizing which:
o Generate toxic waste that can contaminate our water
and environment,
o Misuse millions of gallons of water in times of extreme drought.

Measure J protects our health and safety.
• Toxic chemicals used in fracking can cause cancer, birth defects and
infertility. Matrix acidizing chemicals can have acute and chronic
health effects.

• Children and the elderly are especially at risk: Air pollutants from
fracking, steam injection, and matrix acidizing can cause asthma
and other respiratory ailments.

• Fracking and cyclic steam injection can trigger earthquakes and
sinkholes. San Benito County sits on the San Andreas and
Calaveras faults, so these oil operations hold greater risk.

Measure J protects our economic future.
Fracking, steam injection and matrix acidizing endanger our water
and environment that are essential for San Benito County’s:
• Agriculture ($269 million in annual revenue and 1,570 local jobs)
• Tourism ($82 million in annual revenue and 900 local jobs)
o Pinnacles National Park, home of the rare California condor,
adds $13.1 million annually to our economy.

Measure J allows safer, conventional drilling to continue in more than 90% of our County, on farm and ranch lands---but not in residential areas.

Protect Our Water, Our Health, and Our Future… Vote YES on Measure J.

How it will be delivered

Deliver hard copy petitiions to elected officials

San Benito County, CA

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Reasons for signing

  • Fracking contaminates and ultimately destroys groundwater sources and makes the environment around the site hazardous and unsafe to people and wildlife.
  • I don't think fracking is safe and I don't want California destroyed purely for big corporate profits.


2014-09-19 15:02:10 -0700

Dear friends of San Benito,

Please forward this petition to supporters of Measure J (the ban fracking initiative). We especially need voters in San Benito County to sign this petition.

Thanks for your help!
Mary Hsia-Coron
Coalition to Protect San Benito

2014-09-06 01:08:29 -0700

Dear friends of San Benito,

Our grassroots group in San Benito County (CA) has qualified a citizens' initiative for this November's ballot. Measure J will ban fracking, cyclic steam injection and acidizing in our county.

The Oil Industry has amassed $1 million to stop Measure J. Our grassroots group (Coalition to Protect San Benito) does not have as much financial resources, but we have an army of local people working on Measure J -- which has become a proxy fight for California. So it's vital that we win.

We urgently need your help with the following:
* Donations
* Volunteering
* Ask other San Benito voters to sign this revised Credo petition -- spread the word!

Please visit our web page & facebook (Protect San Benito).

Support YES on Measure J!
Mary Hsia-Coron
Coalition to Protect San Benito

2014-05-05 17:56:54 -0700

Hi folks,

Your support for the Credo petition to ban fracking in San Benito County helped to catalyze a citizen's initiative. Last week, the County Elections Office announced that enough signatures were collected to qualify the initiative for the November 2014 ballot.

There's one more step: The Board of Supervisors will decide whether to place this initiative on the ballot this Tues May 6th (1:30pm). Please come to this meeting and urge the Supervisors give the people the right to decide. Location is Board of Supervisor's chambers at 481 4th St, 1st Floor, Hollister. Please arrive early and bring signs!

Mary Hsia-Coron
San Benito Rising

2013-08-20 09:57:32 -0700

100 signatures reached

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50 signatures reached

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