To: Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-California)

Ask Senator Feinstein to stand for Fair Elections!

Ask Senator Feinstein to stand for Fair Elections!

Put our democracy back in the hands of the American people. Co-sponsor the Fair Elections Now Act so candidates can win office without accepting big donations from, and being beholden to, wealthy special interests.

Why is this important?

The Fair Elections Now Act would put "we the people" back at the center of all U.S Senate elections -- and greatly reduce the influence of big special interests -- by making it possible for candidates to wage a successful campaign without large donors.

The Fair Elections Now Act provides candidates with funds to replace campaign fundraising that largely relies on large donors and special interests. Participating candidates are then to limit their additional campaign spending to the amounts raised from small dollar donors.

Candidates qualify by raising a set number of small donations from in-state donors, and agreeing not to accept more than $150 from any one donor. During the campaign, small donations are matched and amplified by public funds. All Americans would receive a $25 tax credit they can give to their candidate, so EVERYBODY can donate.

Right now, the Fair Elections Now Act (S.2023, Dick Durbin, D-Illinois) has 21 Senate co-sponsors. To help it succeed, it needs more support.

Barbara Boxer is already a co-sponsor of this important bill, but Dianne Feinstein hasn’t signed on yet. Please ask Feinstein to stand with the voters – instead of wealthy donors and special interests – by co-sponsoring the bill.

California, United States

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