To: North Carolina Restaurants

Ask North Carolina Restaurants To Remain Gun-Free: A Diner's Pledge

Ask North Carolina Restaurants To Remain Gun-Free: A Diner's Pledge

Guns, alcohol and families don't mix. As a diner who wants to encourage you to keep North Carolina restaurants safe, I pledge to ask whether your restaurant allows concealed firearms, to share information about your option to post a sign prohibiting firearms, and to choose restaurants that have made a commitment to the safety of their staff and customers by prohibiting firearms.

Why is this important?

My family always looks forward to eating out. But as a North Carolina mom, I now have to think twice before we visit our favorite restaurants. That's because a new law in North Carolina now allows customers to bring loaded concealed handguns into restaurants that serve alcohol.

As of October 1, 2013, North Carolina restaurants face a choice. A new state law allows concealed carry permit holders to bring concealed weapons into North Carolina bars and into restaurants that serve alcohol. These are the restaurants where we eat with our families, our loved ones, our colleagues and our associates.

However, restaurant and bar owners may preserve a gun-free environment by posting a “conspicuous notice” that prohibits firearms. As diners, we have the right to know whether we may be eating among patrons with loaded concealed handguns, and to choose restaurants that are gun-free.

There is no guarantee that a concealed handgun owner will always act in a responsible manner that ensures the safety of fellow diners. Even some permit holders lack confidence in their fellow permit holders to act responsibly when around alcohol.

Recent events across the country point to a less than perfect record of permit holders in ensuring the safety of themselves and those around them. In August, a Wake Forest, N.C. mother was shot with her own concealed handgun when her toddler reached into the mother’s purse and fired the gun. In Missouri, a legislative aide recently left a loaded gun unattended in a washroom where it could easily have been found by a child. In Michigan, two concealed-permit holders killed each other in a road-rage inspired shootout.

However, North Carolina moms, families and communities can call on restaurants in our state to preserve the gun-free environment that we have all enjoyed to date. By signing this pledge, we can let restaurants know that we do not wish to eat in establishments that permit loaded, concealed firearms. If enough people like you sign the pledge, we can show restaurants that prohibit concealed weapons that they will continue to have our support and show those that allow concealed guns on their premises that there will be an economic cost to their choice.

Please join me in taking this diner's pledge to speak with restaurants about our concerns and to choose restaurants that exercise their right to prohibit concealed firearms. Let these restaurants know we will support them for creating a safe environment for their customers and employees. Take our "diner's pledge" today!

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Reasons for signing

  • I don't want to eat in a restaurant with guns.
  • I don't want to worry about what someone with a gun might do if that person were to get angry.
  • I don't want to take my family to a place where civilians are carrying guns.


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