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America can save billions of dollars with efficient outdoor lighting

America can save billions of dollars with efficient outdoor lighting

I would like to start a large media campaign to educate the general public about wasteful dusk to dawn outdoor lighting. Most of it is inefficient / misdirected and therefore wastes energy. Please join my endeavor. Thank you .... AR

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Be a winner. Save money and help the environment with improved outdoor lighting designs .......
We complain about the government mispending our money, but sometimes we're as guilty as they are. It's time for some education about wasteful outdoor lighting. It's become a serious billion dollar problem. Rather like taking huge stacks of money and setting them on fire. Dusk to dawn lighting is on ALL night long, EVERY night of the year. Many of the privately owned lights don't even need to be on. Electric companies will still put up antiquated 175 watt yard lights, if you ask them. This is great for the electric company, but doesn't help the energy situation at all. You can see one of these lights a whopping 35 miles away ! The light goes out sideways and up into the sky because they have no reflective shades over them. They light up the bottoms of clouds and in doing so these fixtures have lost about 30% of their energy. That truly is wasteful because the light should ONLY illuminate the ground, not shine in the neighbor's window. These lights glare into the eyes of motorists and even aircraft pilots. This makes it hard to see what's beyond the fixture, which is rather like someone shining a big flashlight in your face.
Energy waste is counterproductive to those who are trying to save energy. We pay for those who waste. It's good that more energy efficient outdoor lighting (LEDs) is now becoming available and they are more directional. Motion sensor lights are also a good. I'm not saying that you shouldn't have an outdoor light, but find one that's considerate to neighbors and the environment and it turns it into a win win situation. The cost of energy keeps increasing with demand, so we need to cut demand by conserving. It's time for some common sense conservation which will diminish the need for new power plants. Make our wonderful country an example for others.
Suggestion: Do an online image search. Call it, The earth at night from space.

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  • Help the efficient lighting industry, make the stars at night big and bright here in TX like thy used to be!
  • Reducing wasteful night time outdoor lighting is for the common good of our neighbors and also is better for plants and wildlife.


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