To: California Legislature

Allow Public Campaign Financing in California!

Allow Public Campaign Financing in California!

Most Californians don't have a real voice in elections because their small contributions can't compete with big money from special interests and millionaires. Pass SB 1107 to allow local governments and the state to set up voluntary public campaign financing so voters have a chance.

Why is this important?

Big contributions and expenditures by millionaires and special interests are dominating elections. The voices of regular voters are drowned out, and most Americans believe money has far too much influence in politics.

That's why we need public financing of campaigns to make elected officials accountable to voters, not Big Money.

Unfortunately, public financing of campaigns in California is banned in all counties, most cities, and in state races due to a 1988 initiative, Proposition 73, that had virtually all of its other provisions invalidated in federal court.

California can take the lead in this powerful alternative to politicians dialing for dollars. SB 1107, authored by Senator Ben Allen, co-authored by Senator Loni Hancock, and sponsored by California Clean Money Campaign and California Common Cause will amend the ban to allow for public financing of campaigns that are paid for by dedicated campaign finance trust funds.

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